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3 January 2017

Hi everyone, it’s been a fair old while since we last updated the blog so with a new year upon
us, there’s no time like the present.

2016 was another great year for Dr Hackenbush, with 22 gigs under our belt, including 2 weddings
and a leaving do, and 2 festival headline slots. And we couldn’t possibly have rounded things off
any better than with a fantastic New Year’s Eve bonanza at one of our favourite haunts, The
Kings Head in Swinton. We love playing here and are always made to feel very welcome by the
landlord Waff and the regulars. There were several of our family members in attendance as well
(including Gaz’s sister and her husband who have moved 2 doors away from the pub - estimates
vary but they are located anywhere between 27 and 29 steps away - and appear to have already
taken root in the bar) which is always handy when any roadying is required!

Anyway the night went with a bang, and we saw in 2017 with Merry Xmas Everybody (ok so it was
a week late but it seems a shame to rehearse an Xmas song only to play it once!) followed by
Mark’s seminal rendition of 500 Miles. Despite his insistence that he doesn’t look like the
Proclaimers, the fact that when Gaz said “he’s singing this because he looks like him”, half
the crowd started singing that they themselves would walk 500 miles, would seem to suggest

In all seriousness though, it really is a massive buzz seeing so many people dancing and
generally enjoying themselves because of the music you're playing. It's the reason we love doing
what we do, and we'll never ever tire of it.

We’ll be kicking off 2017 at another of our favourite venues, the superb Imperial Club &
Brewery in Mexborough on Saturday 7 January. There’s always a great atmosphere and an
appreciative audience at the Imp, not to mention a marvellous selection of real ale
(always a bonus, especially for those of us living within walking distance!) and we're
looking forward to rocking the house. We’ll be following that up with a return trip to the
Rock in Kilnhurst on 21 January, before swinging by the Kings Head again on 25 February.

We’re hopeful that 2017 will see Dr H continue to move onwards and upwards, and we'd love
to see you along the way.

Cheers and all the best for the New Year
Dr H xxx

13 December 2015

Dr H have just had a cracking Friday/Saturday double-header so we thought this would be
as good a time as any to get our long-awaited blog off the ground.

First up was a new venue for us, The Crown Inn at Heeley in Sheffield. Setting up took a
while longer than usual as the resident hen party managed to take time out from the adult
version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey to accost Ian - one minute he was plugging his amp in,
the next he was (Sniiiiip - this is a family show - Ed.)

Mark was the recipient of another Dr H first - normally in the pre-500 Miles "who do you
think he looks like?" section he gets Frankie Boyle, Chris Evans or The Proclaimers. Not
this time - Elvis Costello was the call tonight! He was certainly pretty chuffed with
that, and took the opportunity to wheel out his tedious fact that an old workmate of his
used to give Elvis, in his Declan McManus days, a lift to work.

If you're still awake after that, the highlight of the evening was from a young chap who
came up to us asking to borrow a mike. We were expecting maybe the winning bonus ball
number or a song dedication - what we weren't expecting was a marriage proposal! We're
delighted to report that the answer was "yes" - massive congratulations to Liam & Laura,
and we look forward to playing at your wedding :o)

All in all a fantastic night and we're already excited about our return visit on 8 April.
Hopefully the lovely bunch of ladies who, and I quote, "only came in for one but you were
that good we ended up staying all night" will be back for more!

Fast forward to Saturday and an 18th birthday party for a young gentleman called Elliot at
The King's Head in Swinton. We've been here a few times before, most recently just 7 days ago;
we always receive a warm welcome, and last night was no exception. We took the usual ribbing
from Wilf and co but gave as good as we got!

Last night almost led to irreconcilable musical difference within the band, however... as is
to be expected for an 18th, it was quite a young crowd, and Gaz had been asked in advance to do
an Ed Sheeran number. For those of you who don't know Mark, our bassman has an irrational hatred
(some would say it's perfectly rational! Ed.) of the ginger one, and duly vacated the premises
for the duration. Thankfully, he's easily bought and half a Belgian Blue was enough to tempt him
back in to finish the second set.

All in all another cracking evening and again we look forward to going back in April.

And so that rounds off 2015 for Dr Hackenbush. It's been an eventful year of two singers, three
drummers, a headline spot at Tramlines, two weddings and several new venues. We'll be doing it
all again in 2016 and we hope to see a few of you there!

Peace, love and a happy Christmas and New Year to you all
Dr H xxx